What is your attendance policy?

State law mandates that children be in attendance during the period when school is in session. Therefore, when a student is absent, the parent shall call the school on or before the day of the absence in order to advise the school as to the reason for the absence if a telephone is available.

Is it true that students will receive extra credit for completing all assignments on time?

Students who complete all course work on time will be rewarded at the end of each nine (9) week period with points added to their final nine (9) week grade average as follows:

  • Zero (0) zeros per nine (9) weeks = four (4) points added to nine (9) weeks final average

  • One (1) zero per nine (9) weeks = two (2) points added to nine (9) weeks final average

**Late work will be accepted according to the teacher’s procedures, yet will not count toward extra credit points **

What is your tardy policy?

We consider a student tardy when he/she arrives to any one (1) of the seven (7) class periods during the school day after the scheduled tardy bell rings. A secondary student (6th-12th grade) may be tardy to any one (1) class, two (2) times per nine (9)-week period, and we will take no action. When a student receives three (3) tardies in any one (1) class, the classroom teacher will send the student to the office, and the school administrator will take appropriate disciplinary action.

What is the grading system?

Each student will receive a report following the end of each grading period and a final report at the end of the school year. On the Monday after three and six weeks of each nine-week grading period, parents will receive a student detailed progress report. The following grade letter system is used in reporting to parents:

90 - 100 A............................. Superior
80 - 89 B............................... Above Average
70 - 79 C............................... Average
60 - 69 D............................... Below Average
0 - 59 F.................................. Failing

*“I” Indicates that the student has not completed all required work. We will allow a reasonable length of time for the completion of the work. If the student does not complete the work in the time allotted, we will average the final grade with a zero(s) for the missing work.

What is the dress code?

We ask our students to dress appropriately, as bold outfits can distract from learning. We list our full dress policy in our student handbook, which is located on the Home page under Quick Links.

Does Artesia High School allow cell phones and iPods in school?

No. If a student is using an electronic device for 5 minutes per class period every day, the student will have missed out on 105 hours (approximately 17.5 days) of engaged learning per school year.

Students must keep their personal and other electronic devices in their car or locker before the school day begins. AHS does not allow these devices in the building(s) during the school day. This includes but is not limited to:

  • iPods

  • mp3 players

  • PSP's

  • video recorders

  • cameras

If a parent needs to contact his/her child, please call Artesia High School’s main number (746-9816), and our staff will notify the student to come to the office between classes. If a student needs to contact a parent, the student may do so from the office with teacher permission.

How much does a replacement student identification card cost?

All students will receive a student identification card with their picture at the beginning of the school year. All students must have the ID card with them at all times! This card will be used for library privileges. The first card is free. A replacement card cost $5.00.