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Artesia High School
Artesia High School

Learn More About Artesia High School

Artesia High School is located in the small town of Artesia, New Mexico, which provides a relaxed and friendly environment filled with many families. We are very proud of our wonderful academic programs. We have a great team; we are all 100 percent focused on ensuring our students succeed.

To compliment our excellent academic programs, we offer a variety of extracurricular programs. You can read more about them on our Athletics, Clubs, and Fine Art pages.

Our Mission

The mission of the Artesia Public Schools is to develop each, individual student toward self-reliance and understanding that he or she can make a difference and can make a worthy contribution to society. The Artesia Public Schools are responsible for teaching basic competencies to students as they work toward mastery of skills and knowledge. Our schools are responsible for assisting students in acquiring and displaying desirable personal qualities and values.